Chiavaroli Farm

About us

From 1987

Organic and biodynamic agriculture

The farm was founded in 1987 with Pierantonio who inherited the company management, diversifying production and introducing it to the practice of organic and biodynamic agriculture. The company obtained the organic certification in 1995 and demeter certification in 2002.

Commitment and tradition

Oil, fruit and food preserves

Now the children Cecilia, Francesco and Filippo also collaborate in the company and are committed to carrying on the family tradition.

The company concentrates its production on olives and fruit such as cherries, apricots and plums studying the best varieties, from early to late, to harvest fruit throughout the summer season , also integrating with the cultivation of melons, tomatoes, squash and food preserves.

Fruits with an unmistakable flavour

We are located in Pianella in the province of Pescara, a hilly and breezy area with a mild climate renowned for its particular agricultural and above all olive-growing vocation, which allows us to give the plants long hours of light avoiding stagnation thanks to the hilly slopes and to be able enjoy fruits with an unmistakable flavour.